Simple & Concise

Ease-to-read and uniform organization of project details .

Always On

Fully asynchronous communication that's always up-to-date.

Work Better Together

Simplified cross-team collaboration support.

Best For Both Worlds

Fits great into Agile and Waterfall environments.

Introduce a new generation of the backbone of innovation: a culture of open and transparent communication.

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Improve project status communication today.

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Per Month
Up to 10 Team Members
Unlimited Projects
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Per Month
Up to 25 Team Members
Unlimited Projects
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Up to 50 Team Members
Unlimited Projects
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Unlimited Team Members
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How It Works

Project Managers
Daily Updates

Project managers should schedule a few minutes every day to go over their projects and update the timeline status and risk. Building this habit will prevent a long, draining session of large updates and help keep peace of mind. Just a few short minutes a day of reviewing and updating your projects on Liquet can pay huge dividends. No surprises, full transparency.

Program Managers & Directors
Daily Review

Program managers and directors should review their dashboard at least once a day. With the helpful Liquet dashboard, users can get a quick glance into what is coming up next for each project, and diving in will provide deep insights into the health and status. Always keep your eye on the ball. When your organization has lots of moving parts, seeing the full picture will help keep your teams on track.

Directors & Executives
Weekly Review

Executives are busy people and Liquet understands. We recommend scheduling brief recurring one-on-one meetings with program managers and directors to dive deep into the details of their project or program in a structured, time-efficient manner. These meetings can be crucial to helping executives navigate the whole breadth of their organization and understand what actions they need to take to correct course for struggling teams or reward the healthiest parts of the organization.